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1. String Quartet Seminar

Led by the Takács Quartet, the String Quartet Seminar offers twelve string fellows, comprising three string quartets, an intensive three-week training course focused on string quartet and chamber music collaboration. Beginning the week prior to the Festival and continuing through Week 2, SQS fellows receive daily coaching by members of the Takács Quartet, participate in a string quartet masterclass, and observe a Takács Quartet open rehearsal. The program’s concluding recital features performances by all three quartets. The estimated rehearsal commitment for this opportunity is 16 hours the week prior to the Festival, and eight hours per week during Weeks 1 & 2.

2. X2: Faculty & Fellow Collaboration

The X2 series at the historic Lobero Theatre in downtown Santa Barbara features chamber music performed by faculty and fellows sitting side-by-side. Faculty artists coach each ensemble from within the group and provide participating fellows a professional-level chamber music experience. The estimated rehearsal commitment for this opportunity is four-six hours per week for two weeks, plus a dress rehearsal.

3. Fellow Chamber Music Program

This chamber series is designed for fellows interested in a deep chamber experience. Fellows will be assigned groups and repertoire based on prior chamber music experience and repertoire interests. Each group will receive weekly coachings from a range of faculty members, participate in a chamber music masterclass, and perform a complete work on the Chamber Music Recital Series. The estimated rehearsal commitment for this opportunity is four-six hours per week for each week leading up to the performance.

4. Picnic Concert Projects

Fellow-initiated projects are welcomed throughout the Festival and presented on the Academy’s Picnic Concert Series. Ranging from solo repertoire and duos, to large ensemble and interstudio collaborations, these programs highlight fellows’ “behind the scenes” work in lessons, studio classes, and everything in between. Programs are curated in collaboration with Academy fellows and require faculty approval. The series is affectionally titled “Picnic Concerts” in honor of the community’s tradition of enjoying picnic dinners in the Academy campus gardens prior to the concert. 

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